Sunday 23 August 2020

A Virtual 2020-2021 Season


Emails were sent out earlier this week to our members, highlighting some changes ahead for our 2020-2021 season. Notably the membership fee discounts and optional donations and our decision to keep it virtual for our meetings. Check out the membership tab for more details and registering! 

We are looking forward to putting together some socially distanced sew-ins and events for some safe in-person gatherings, but overall have decided that is safer and more accessible to keep our general meetings online.

For 2020-2021, the Ottawa Garment Guild regular meetings will be held on Zoom. Meetings are virtual and will continue to be held on the second Thursday of each month , starting at 7:30pm.  Dates as follows:

  • September 10th
  • October 8th
  • November 12th
  • December 10th
  • January 14th
  • February 11th
  • March 11th
  • April 8th
  • May 13th
  • June 10th