Sunday 21 November 2021

November 2021 Meeting Summary


November 2021 Meeting Summary

If you weren't able to join us, please read on for a recap:
  • Updates
    • Frocktails planning has started,  Email us if you are interested in helping out. Hoping for a late Spring event. Stay tuned!
  • Fabric Fundraiser
    • Sale went live on November 12 on our Facebook group
    • Closed on November 18, pickup will be at your chosen location on the 20th.
  • Upcoming sew-ins
    • Will be sending out a sign up for December!
    • Thursdays and Sundays in December
  • Erica Schmitz (@bodymodel) talked to us all about creating croquis with your own measurements!
    • The slides will be available here
    • can use your croqui to plan your sewing makes! You can make grown up paper dolls, use in bullet journalling etc.
    • Free to try out the software and preview your croquis
    • measurement guide and hair templates!
    • gave tips on best markers and paper
    • Classes available for those who feel they can't draw
    • Gave a drawing demo with tips!
    • Digital drawing possible too!
  • Sewing SOS:
    • Issues with basic rectangular waistbands on skirts
      • Suggestions included: trying a curved waistband from another pattern, wider the waistband, more likely you'll need a contour, to look at where the skirt sits.
      • Suggestion to look at Inside the Hem on YouTube for a video on this topic. 
    • Issue with the rise and crotch curve on the Pietra pants. 
      • Not clear, why, suggestion to double check pattern.
    • Tips for using horse hair lining
      • Suggestions included: using pinking shears to grade the horsehair, store rolled!, stitch to underling, use anywhere you want more body, use cotton instead of canvas for your interlining.
  • This Months #OGGPOM is:
    • Winter Sewing!
  • Pattern of the Month (#oggpom): 
    • Thank you all for sharing your pattern hacks!
    • Don't forget to use #oggpom for your OGGPOMs and #oggsewandtell on Instagram for other projects you would like to show! You can also share pictures in the Facebook group to be included at the end of the meetings
You can find November's slides (and all of our past meetings) here!

Pattern of the Month for November:

For November, OGGPOM is all about Winter Sewing! Make anything that you might wear, use in the winter!  Mittens, coats, fuzzy tights, cozy pj's, anything! Don't forget you an post about things you've already made to share too! No need to make new when sharing OGGPOMs.

You can find some patterns and inspiration on our November Pinterest board!
You are welcome to sew for yourself, a family member, a friend, or whoever you would like!  Remember to post your makes in our Facebook group, or on Instagram using #OGGPOM so we can see what you're up to!