Membership Fees:

For 2020-2021 Membership fees have been temporarily reduced to $30 from our regular fee of $50. Regular meetings will be held online via Zoom.
  • $30 Full Membership for the full year 
    • A "membership year" runs from September to June
    • Reduced workshop & sew-in fees
    • Preferential registration for sew-ins, workshops, and special events.
  • $5 Drop-In (each meeting, non-members)
If you would like to pay online for your membership - you can do so by heading over to our Online Store.  If you would like to make alternative arrangements for payment, please contact us via email and we can work together to work something out.

Pay-it-forward memberships

In 2020-2021 we reduced membership fees as part of our adaptation to meeting only online during the Covid-19 pandemic. We gave members the option of adding on a donation to the pay-it-forward fund when they purchased their membership, giving the guild funding to provide memberships to individuals who were unable to afford a membership to the Ottawa Garment Guild this year. If this is your situation, please email us so we can work together to accommodate your membership in the guild this year.

What does my membership pay for?

The Ottawa Garment Guild is a non-profit organization, and all of our executive members are dedicated volunteers.  Your membership fee allows us to pay for our meeting space and online infrastructure, invite special guest speakers, and put on special events throughout the year.  Funds collected through membership fees may also be used towards things that help us make meetings better for you; such as a projector for meetings, website maintenance, and incorporating the guild as an official non-profit entity. 

If you have any questions about the financial status of the OGG, please email us: