Saturday 27 April 2019

Elections for 2019/2020 Season

Our season is approaching an end and we're looking for some new people to join our Executive Committee! Do you have ideas about how the Ottawa Garment Guild should be run? Want to get involved in planning guest speakers, workshops and sew-ins for the 2019/2020 Season? Love social media and want to share how amazing the OGG is?!?

If you've been looking for a way to get involved with the Ottawa sewing community, we think this is a great opportunity to do so! No experience is necessary, and you don't need to be an expert sewist! Nominations are open to all. Nominations will close on Wednesday May 8th at 5pm. Nominees will be asked to briefly introduce themselves at our General Meeting on May 9th. Since our last meeting & email, we've had some slight updates to the positions available.

 Nominations for Vice President and Social Media Manager are still open, but we've added a new position - Workshop & Sew-In Coordinator. In an effort to better distribute the workload across our Executive Committee, we've split the Programming Director position in two. Vicki will continue her role on the Executive as our Events Coordinator and will continue to be responsible for organizing larger events like Frocktails and High Tea. Interested in joining the Executive Committee? Position descriptions are as follows:

Vice President:

  • Attends monthly Guild meetings, Executive meetings, and extra programming events as required; 
  • Assists the President with their duties; Steps in when the President is not able run the meeting or fulfil a duty;
  •  Actively promotes the Guild and recruits new members;
  •  Manages the general membership list for the Guild, coordinates with the Treasurer to ensure dues have been paid/ drop-ins are paid appropriately;
  •  Books/ manages speakers for meetings (whether this be a special guest, or a member speaking about a topic of interest);
  •  Books space for monthly meetings (as needed);
  •  Manages the scheduling of “Pattern of the Month”;
  •  Has signing authority on the bank account;

Social Media Manager: 

  • Attends monthly Guild meetings, Executive meetings, and extra programming events as required (or delegates accordingly);
  •  Manages the Instagram account, public Facebook page, blog/ website, and twitter accounts; 
  • Keeps track of the passwords document for all accounts;
  •  Can solicit members for blog posts or content for these pages;
  •  Takes photos at monthly meetings, to be shared on the various social media accounts.

Workshop & Sew-In Coordinator:

  • Attends monthly Guild meetings, Executive meetings, and extra programming events as required;
  • Books teachers or guests for special skills workshops throughout the membership year; 
  • Works with the Vice President to book any space required for extra workshops and programming; Manages fees (working with the Treasurer) for special workshops, based on enrollment; Schedules and manages Sew-Ins throughout the year; 
  • Coordinates with the President to ensure Guild members are aware (via meetings and the email list) of general programming. 

 If you have any questions or are interested in running, please reply to this email! You can also find more information in our OGG Constitution (draft to be ratified at our June AGM).