Sunday 20 February 2022

February 2022 Meeting Summary


February 2022 Meeting Summary

If you weren't able to join us, please read on for a recap:
  • Updates
    • Meetings will remain virtual for the rest of the Season.
      • Membership rates are now reduced for the rest of the season. Tell your friends!
    • AGM - if you want to be part of the constitution review, join now!
    • General chat:
      • Amy B’s surprisingly good mug cake recipe:
    • Frocktails: Definition - a chance to sew and tell in person and a chance to make something fancy
      • Tickets will go on sale before the next meeting
    • Sew-ins have been scheduled again for February and March, check your e-mail for details! 
  • Nichole Couch spoke to us all about using a projector for sewing!
    • General Concept
      • Projecting the lines of the pattern onto the fabric so you can cut directly
      • Requirements: projector/(computer or mobile phone)/PDF viewer
    • Benefits
      • One time cost for projector vs printer+ink+paper+mistakes
      • Huge time saver
      • No need to store paper patterns
      • Easier to line up grainline, pattern matching, marking notches and darts, etc
      • Great for pattern testing or multiples sizes
    • Join the Facebook group for more info and assistance
  • Sewing SOS:
    • Best way to sew both ends of elastic together
      • try bigger needle, triple zig zag, slower stitch
    • Suggestions for a small bust and broad back adjustment
      • Palmer Pletsch book
      • Hollow chest issue maybe? Start fitting from the back first.
  • Pattern Sew and Tell! (#oggpom): 
    • Thank you all for sharing your makes that you love!
    • Don't forget to use #oggpom for your OGGPOMs and #oggsewandtell on Instagram for other projects you would like to show! You can also share pictures in the Facebook group to be included at the end of the meetings.
You can find February's slides (and all of our past meetings) here!

Pattern of the Month for February:

February's OGGPOM is all about Ready to Wear inspired!!  Make something based on a ready to wear garment, combine patterns, hack a pattern, draft one from an existing piece of clothing!! Don't forget you can post about things you've already made to share too! No need to make new when sharing OGGPOMs.

You are welcome to sew for yourself, a family member, a friend, or whoever you would like!  Remember to post your makes in our Facebook group, or on Instagram using #OGGPOM so we can see what you're up to!